Rich Fish Society NFT Project

Rich Fish Society is a collection of 5000 one of one illustrated NFT characters randomly assembled by an algorithm on the polygon blockchain. 
Quality is our main focus. We wanted to create something unique that our NFT collectors could cherish and be proud of. We pride ourselves on not just being a trend, but an ever growing world around our Rich Fish Society with a packed roadmap and long term goals.

Benefits of Joining

Members will gain access to our community DAO fund used to donate, invest, reward, and collaborate with the best NFT projects in the space.

Also holders will gain exclusive access to our discord channels for investors and creators to share alpha.

Crown Trait

•Over 130 different traits – each fish is super unique 1/1

•Each fish consist of properties from common to super rare 

•Airdrops – exclusive access to airdrops, merch and a mint pass for all future collections

•Breeding – Rich Fish Society members can breed their fish with future collections to create something spectacular


•IRL events – a big party will be organized to reward all of our holders and to celebrate the achievement of our goals! 

NFT Backstory

Millions of years ago Rich Fish Society roamed planet earth in the deep depths of the ocean where no human has ever been. After over evolving, Rich Fish Scientists discovered an unknown world they called Planet Super. Planet Super is a world full of the best quality water in the whole galaxy. The Society foreseeing planet earth’s ultimate demise millions of years in advance leave earth in hopes of a better outcome…
Fast forward the year is 2027, after fully optimizing Planet Supers resources they are on their way back to earth to take over the polygon blockchain and rescue their fishy friends before earth is no more.


Mr. Belaire - Founder

Mr. Belaire - Founder


Designer Rich -

Designer Rich -


Miss Make it Happen -

Miss Make it Happen -


Mr. Organized -

Mr. Organized -

Community Manager

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